Mid-Penn Engineering

Company Profile

Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation, founded in 1969, focuses on a balance of both private and municipal clients. Our firm provides civil/site design, structural engineering, municipal services, environmental engineering, building technologies and surveying services. Our focus has never changed and we are committed to building better communities.

We continue to strive to provide comprehensive and cost-effective engineering and surveying services to meet your project needs. Mid-Penn Engineering achieves results through an accessible staff with a policy of open client communications and project management techniques that provide timely, cost-effective, accurate and complete projects. Quality in the constructed product is ensured through the planning, teamwork and client/regulatory agency coordination in combination with our design experience, technology and innovative thinking. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of changing client needs through annual continuing education programs, regulatory publications and seminars.

Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation integrated computer technology with its services in the mid-1980’s. Our technical capabilities include computer-aided drafting, computer-aided modeling, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, geographical information systems (GIS), structural analysis, design and modeling, traffic analysis and modeling and computerized surveying data reduction. Our surveying services are enhanced by the integration of total station technology with automated data collection, computer aided surveying and global positioning systems (GPS) capabilities. This technology provides you with accurate, dependable results, quickly and cost-effectively. Mid-Penn Engineering ensures quality service through personalized attention, utilization of the latest technology and a team of highly qualified engineers, surveyors, and technicians.